Custom Photoshoot: One of the best ways to capture that perfect shot is to hire a professional photographer while on vacation. In addition to getting some great candid shots and scenery while you can stay in the moment, you can plan a custom shoot focused on a particular outfit. For example, you can have a session of you in a flying dress with the stark white buildings and blue rooftops as your backdrop in Santorini, Greece. Or maybe you want to commemorate your experience being dolled up like a geisha in Kyoto, Japan. 
So, which destination or experience is at the top of your bucket list? I can’t wait to help you plan your next Instagram-worthy vacation.


Groups Specialist Update on Greece: 10 Questions with Cristy Patterson

Cristy Patterson, our Europe Team Lead for Groups, recently visited Greece on a work trip. We caught up with Cristy to learn about travel in Greece at this time and to get some invaluable insight on sharing tips to our clients traveling to Greece.


I went to Athens, the capital of Greece.


Despite it being a great country, Greece is not really an accessible-friendly nation. It has a lot of steps and uneven surfaces. Those travellers with mobility issues may find it tough to get around Greece in some cities.


That Athens is dirty—it’s not true! Yes, the city is covered in graffiti, which a lot of North Americans may associate with being dirty, but in Greece, the locals use graffiti as a form of expression on political issues, to spread positivity, and, most importantly, to express themselves artistically. It adds a lot of personal flavour to the streets.


The Amalia Hotel Athens was my favorite stay. It’s quiet, clean, comfortable, and in an excellent location. We also get great rates with our suppliers for this hotel, so it’s great value for our groups.


I learned that Greece is the top cotton producer in Europe, and that they have tons of linens and cotton goods available for very good prices. I also learned that the town of Arachova is a very popular ski destination in the winter for travellers who want to ski Mount Parnassus. Skiing is not typically an activity you’d associate with Greece, but a lot of people go skiing there!


I loved the cooking class! We got to chat with a lot of locals and visit the markets with time to do our own shopping (I bought Greek sea salt and paprika), which was then followed by an excellent cooking class with lunch.


The Temple of Poseidon, which was a pleasant surprise. It was a lot like the Acropolis, but there was almost no one else there and we visited at sunset, so the pictures were amazing. The Acropolis is gorgeous, but it’s very busy, so the Temple of Poseidon is a great alternative spot.


The spanakopita (cheese pies) was great! They are layers of phyllo dough filled with garlic, onion, feta, and spinach. When dipped in tzatziki they are so delicious!


For a traveller on the 8-day Athens & Classical Greece itinerary, which takes them to Athens, Delphi, and Meteora, I would add a few nights on a couple of islands, such as Naxos or Paros. The 9-day Greece Deluxe, which adds on Santorini and Crete, or 10-day Greece Deluxe, which adds on Paros, Naxos, and Ios, are good extension options.


One: Branch out from the main islands and add on one of the more unique and less-travelled islands to give your clients a real sense of the local culture.

Two: Shoulder season brings pricing down from the levels in peak summer. Along with slightly lower pricing, your clients will also enjoy milder temperatures as Greece is very hot in the summer!

Three: Your clients should bring non-slip shoes because everything is made out of polished marble in Greece. Sure, footing is a must.


Discover Utrecht’s picturesque canals, whimsical castles, and underground history

river-cruisesExplore the captivating wonders of Utrecht on our Best of Holland & Belgium itinerary – or, beginning in 2026, on your Captivating Rhine or Enchanting Rhine itinerary. With its canals and street cafés, this Dutch city is reminiscent of Amsterdam. However, the intimate haven lies off the beaten path and boasts its own unique history and appeal. 

Utrecht’s Split-Level Canals

In the Middle Ages, Utrecht thrived as the cultural center of the Netherlands, as the Rhine River once flowed through the town. However, during the 12th century, the locals decided to change the course of the river, and thus the Oudegracht (Old Canal) was born. Eventually, this canal area was built up with shipyards and vast cellars to conveniently store ship parts at water level. Over the centuries, Oudegracht’s shipyards transformed into shops, restaurants and homes, creating a “split-level” canal formation. With this unique structure, people can sit at cafés next to the water or stroll by shops and homes a level above.

A Castle Out of a Fairytale

Just outside the city is the picture-perfect Castle de Haar. Straight out of a storybook with turrets, moats and drawbridges, the castle is the biggest and most luxurious in the Netherlands. It is so large that when it was built in 1822, the entire village of Haarzuilens had to be moved to make space for its walls. Today, the historic monument plays host to guided tours and lavish events. The grounds hold an expansive park and lush gardens covering 135 acres. Among the most beautiful are the Rose Garden, with over 1,200 roses in 79 different varieties, and the Roman Garden, featuring ponds, canals, bridges and more. Our included visit to De Haar allows guests to explore the castle grounds and luxurious interior.

Above and Below Dom Square

The 14th-century Domplein Square, called Dom Square for short, is home to Dom Tower, the tallest church tower in the Netherlands at 369 feet high. Adventurous visitors may climb the 465 steps to reach the top for a spectacular aerial view of the surrounding city. 

The DOMUnder is a new cultural center of Utrecht. Two thousand years of Dutch history can be uncovered within the pillar foundations of the medieval Gothic Dom Cathedral underground. Those who choose to descend beneath the town’s square will learn through an archeologist’s lens, uncovering history by torchlight. These special lights activate stories and animated films, bringing the past to life. 

A Self-Playing Orchestra

Imagine for a moment a time before iPhones and cassette players, when self-playing musical instruments, or musical automata, were all the rageWith its focus on an impressive collection of such instruments, the Museum Speelklok lies in the heart of Utrecht and declares itself to be the most entertaining museum in the Netherlands. During our included tour of the museum, guests may experience the cheerful mix of music that radiates from all corners as musical clocks, orchestrions (self-playing orchestras) and traditional Dutch street organs play throughout the day. 

With enticing stories and engaging sites, Utrecht offers something intriguing for every type of traveler. Contact S.T.S. at 469-846-8004 today and uncover the charms of Utrecht on your Best of Holland & Belgium or, beginning in 2026, on your Captivating Rhine or Enchanting Rhine sailing. 

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboy’s Thanksgiving Game with New York Giant’s

on November 27-29, 2024

Turkey on the table, football on the field. It’s a Thanksgiving tradition with America’s team. 🏈🦃 

The Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving game is an annual tradition that brings family, friends, and football fans together. This year, the excitement was ramped up even further as the Cowboys faced off against the New York Giants in what promised to be a thrilling encounter. Held at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, the game was not just about football; it was a spectacle of entertainment, with high stakes for both teams in the competitive NFC East.

The Cowboys, known for their dynamic offense, came into the game with high expectations. Quarterback Dak Prescott, along with stars like Ezekiel Elliott and CeeDee Lamb, were ready to put on a show for the home crowd. On the other side, the Giants, led by Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley, were not to be underestimated. They brought a gritty, determined play style to the field, aiming to disrupt the Cowboys’ Thanksgiving celebrations.

The game typically includes a halftime show that adds to the festive atmosphere, featuring performances from top musical artists that draw viewers even beyond the football fans. Additionally, the event is known for its philanthropic side, highlighting and supporting various charitable causes, which adds a layer of community spirit to the proceedings. Whether you’re a Cowboys fan, a Giants supporter, or just love the game of football, this Thanksgiving game is a highlight of the NFL season, offering both high-quality sports and a chance to bond over shared traditions.

Ship Features

Our 20 Best Ship Features

river-cruisesView our ships’ features that set AmaWaterways journeys apart from other river cruises

Our innovative river cruise ships have a wealth of wonderful amenities and unique spaces that have earned us dozens of awards and rendered them the highest rated river cruise ships in Europe. From the largest staterooms to the smallest of details, learn about our 20 best ship features that help ensure a memorable journey.

1. Our signature view-enhancing twin-balcony staterooms where both a French balcony and an outside balcony await with fresh air and the everchanging landscapes outside your window, available on most ships in Europe and the AmaDara on the Mekong River.

Learn More About Our Twin Balconies

2. Exquisite locally-sourced cuisine included in the price of your cruise – in multiple dining venues, including The Chef’s Table Restaurant. Our expert chefs hand select only the freshest seasonal ingredients from markets on shore, ensuring that every dish, from our flavorful vegetable-forward soups to our exquisite breakfast jams (made with no added sugar) to our beautifully plated main courses, such as our asparagus risotto, always offer the most delightful culinary journey for your palate.

Learn More About Our Dining

3. High-quality complimentary Wi-Fi on board, ensuring you are able to stay connected, whether with your workplace, the news of the world, or your loved ones back home.

Learn More About Staying Connected

4. Our complimentary fleet of bicycles and Nordic walking sticks, available on our ships in Europe, enabling active travelers to explore the world on our included hiking and biking tours or independently. We were the first river cruise line to offer bicycles on board!

Learn More About Our Active Excursions

5. Green Award Certification – Twenty of our ships in Europe have been honored with this prestigious certification for industry-leading safety, quality and environmental performance. Our commitment to sustainability means that our ships have energy-saving LED lights, special insulated windows to reduce energy needs, solar heating systems and more.

Learn More About Sustainability

6. Impressive storage space in staterooms – Most of our ships have the following: a three-door wardrobe with space to hang plenty of clothes as well as shelves; ample room to store luggage underneath the bed; and an extra rolling drawer or compartment beneath the bed to unpack. There is also a personal safe to store valuables, as well as storage in the bathrooms for toiletries and makeup bags. In addition, most of our staterooms have a mini-fridge in which to store goodies purchased during your journey, such as wine or chocolates.

Prepare For Your Cruise

7. Thoughtful details that anticipate your needs on board – High-quality umbrellas in your stateroom and warm blankets on the Sun Deck ensure you are able to experience every fascinating destination and enjoy every scenic view, regardless of whatever Mother Nature sends our way. You’ll often be greeted with refreshing towels and bottles of water after hikes, bike rides and warm-weather excursions, while hot mugs of gluhwein and tea are available to warm you up when temperatures cool down.

8. With floor-to-ceiling windows in the Main Lounge, you will never miss a view in any season or weather condition, whether we are sailing through the idyllic French countryside, past the iconic windmills in the Netherlands, through Austria’s vineyard-rich Wachau Valley or through Germany’s castle-laden Rhine Gorge.

Learn More About Our Views

9. Expansive, Amenity-Filled Sun Decks – All of our ships feature a heated sun-deck pool or whirlpool (or both on board AmaMagna), and many of our newer ships include a swim-up bar. In addition, there is a walking track and space for wellness activities led by a Wellness Host, with additional amenities such as a golf putting green or giant chess board on select ships.

10. Our ships were purposefully built with a low draft – This means that the bottom of the ship is very shallow, so if ever water levels are not ideal, we’re able to continue carrying you along the rivers further than most other European river cruise ships.

11. Coffee and tea station available 24/7 – Whenever our guests are looking for a pick-me-up, we want to ensure they never have to wait – and that a quality brew is always available. To that end, we ensure our coffee machines are state-of-the-art and our guests have confirmed that the beverages they receive are top notch! We also have a variety of teas available to accommodate your unique tastes at any time of day, as well as during our afternoon teatime, which includes a delightful assortment of cakes, tarts and sandwiches.

12. Innovative activities, on board and on shore – From scenic hikes to our onboard Zen Wellness Studio, we have long been known for our innovative approach to active river cruising. We strive to offer our guests the latest and greatest activities on our river cruises, such as our newly unveiled pickleball court aboard the AmaMagna! As the first river cruise ship featuring a full-sized pickleball court, the AmaMagna gives you the opportunity to indulge in America’s fastest-growing sport while creating lifelong memories.

13. Every ship offers a well-equipped fitness center with high-quality contemporary exercise equipment from treadmills to spin bikes to resistance bands and more. The expansive Zen Wellness Studio on AmaMagna also features outdoor spin bikes and a juice bar.

Learn More About Our Wellness Program

14. Onboard hair salons and spas, to provide you with the pampering and relaxation you deserve and ensure you always look and feel your best. In addition, our AmaMagna and AmaDahlia also have a nail salon on board. All services are available for a nominal fee.

15. Spacious staterooms that range from 140 sq. ft. to up to 710 sq. ft. in AmaMagna’s suites, as well as connecting staterooms on select ships that are perfect for families. All staterooms across the AmaWaterways fleet offer such amenities as state-of-the-art fan coil air conditioning units and daily replenished water bottles, ensuring that you can unwind in comfort at the end of the day’s journey.Learn More About the Luxury of Space

16. Contemporary, destination-inspired décor. Each ship in our family is unique, whether you are sailing on board our distinctive AmaDara, with its intricately carved French colonial-style dark woods and artifacts created by local artists, or our AmaDahlia, with its subdued tones and lovely Chef’s Al Fresco Restaurant.

17. Onboard Entertainment – Dance floors, onboard musicians and local performers ensure that each evening following dinner is a joyful celebration on board. Of course, sometimes you simply want to relax in your own personal space, which is why our stateroom TVs feature Entertainment-On-Demand with English-language programming, music and movies. On the AmaMagna, a chic and intimate onboard cinema is also available, playing sports games, movies and even video games.

Learn More About Our Entertainment

18. A Festive Holiday Atmosphere – During Christmastime, our ships are the most elegantly decorated ships on the rivers, with trees, garlands, lights and snow globes to spare. But we also love to decorate during the colorful spring Tulip Time cruises and surprise our guests with spooky Halloween celebrations on board as well!

Learn More About Our Christmas Markets Itineraries

19. Our People: The Heart of our Ships – Our ships are the hardware, but our extraordinarily warm and welcoming crew and Cruise Managers serve as the “heart” of each ship and are the reason AmaWaterways has continued to sail the world’s rivers for so many years.

Learn More About Our Service

20. Our Guests: Inclusive, diverse, open and curious about the world around them, our guests bring a deep sense of family to each journey and help us create memories that last a lifetime.

Contact S.T.S at 469-846-8004 to learn more about our river cruise ships and the incredible destinations through which we sail!




Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab

A global icon of Arabian luxury.  I was able to share this awesome experience with my clients. Get an insight into the world’s only 7-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab, with an exclusive 90-minute tour with a personal guide who will tell you all the curious tales behind the iconic location and give you the finest Arabic hospitality experience. Walk across the luxurious property and be astounded by its sheer elegance and grandeur as you tour the atrium with fountains, the Royal Suite, and the open-air lounge where you can experience an incredible sunset.